Holistic Health Secrets for Women

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HOLISTIC HEALTH SECRETS FOR WOMEN brings together effective, easy-to-follow solutions to the most common health and life challenges faced by women today. A comprehensive holistic guide to female health, specifically designed for women *


Dr Mark Atkinson is an integrated medical doctor, Chairman of The British College of Integrated Medicine and Founder of the British College of Integrated Medicine. His innovative health programmes have been featured in the national press and on television.


one of those important works that every woman should have a copy of ... a terrific book, well written, easy to follow and full of good practical health tips and advice. Integrated medicine at it's best HIGH SPIRIT Whether you are looking for advice on a specific medical condition, or you simply want to improve your level of physical and emotional wellbeing, this accessible and rousing book will inspire you to transform your health and your life NATURAL PRODUCTS Whether you want to improve your overall health, emotional wee being or even specific ailments like PMS and skin problems, this book really gets to the heart of the matter U MAGAZINE This fantastic book covers a lot of areas, including PMS, osteoporosis, weight loss, infertility and menopause WOMAN'S WAY
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