American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass

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This powerful and disturbing book links persistent poverty among blacks in the United States to the unparalleled degree of deliberate segregation they experience in American cities. "A major contribution to our study of both racism and poverty".--Washington Post Book World.


Preface 1. The Missing Link 2. The Construction of the Ghetto 3. The Persistence of the Ghetto 4. The Continuing Causes of Segregation 5. The Creation of Underclass Communities 6. The Perpetuation of the Underclass 7. The Failure of Public Policy 8. The Future of the Ghetto Notes Index


In the meticulousness of its research and the density of its arguments, [American Apartheid] stands well apart from even the best-argued and most amply documented books by journalists on racial problems. -- Nathan Glazer New Republic A major contribution to our understanding of both racism and poverty... One hopes that the book will be read, not only by other scholars and policy analysts, but by a broad spectrum of citizens and by all the leaders of the nation. -- Andrew Billingsley Washington Post Book World Richly documented ... A splendid book. American Apartheid explores a topic that many of us have come to take for granted, presents a fascinating array of data that have never been assembled in one place and compellingly argues that segregation is crucial to understanding what has happened to [urban] blacks. -- Charles Murray Times Literary Supplement Essential reading for anyone interested in the causes, and possible cures, of urban poverty. -- Roberto M. Fernandez Contemporary Sociology An incredibly readable book that must be studied by all Americans-liberal and conservative, black and white. -- D. K. Jamieson Choice
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