The Pursuit of Happiness

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September 2002



Manhattan, 1945: Der Krieg ist aus, und alle Menschen feiern. Auch Sara, eine unabhängige junge Frau, die nach New York gekommen ist, um ihren Weg zu machen, trinkt auf einer Party ihres Bruders auf die Zukunft. Da platzt Jack Melone herein - ein US-Army-Journalist, der gerade aus dem besiegten Deutschland kommt. Es ist Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Doch Sara und Jack haben nur eine Nacht. Und sie treffen eine Entscheidung, die nicht nur ihr Leben bestimmt, sondern noch Jahrzehnte später ihre schicksalhafte Auswirkung haben wird... The critically acclaimed bestseller from the number one bestselling author of The Moment and A Special Relationship. A powerful romantic novel set in the tumultuous world of post-war America. New York, 1945 - Sara Smythe, a young, beautiful and intelligent woman, ready to make her own way in the big city, attends her brother's Thanksgiving Eve party. As the party gets into full swing, in walks Jack Malone, a US Army journalist back from a defeated Germany and a man unlike any Sara has ever met before - one who is destined to change Sara's future forever. But finding love isn't the same as finding happiness - as Sara and Jack soon find out. In post-war America chance meetings aren't always as they seem, and people's choices can often have profound repercussions. Sara and Jack find they are subject to forces beyond their control and that their destinies are formed by more than just circumstance. In this world of intrigue and emotional conflict, Sara must fight to survive - against Jack, as much as for him. In this mesmerising tale of longing and betrayal, The Pursuit of Happiness is a great tragic love story; a tale of divided loyalties, decisive moral choices, and the random workings of destiny.


Douglas Kennedy's novels include the critically acclaimed bestsellers The Pursuit of Happiness, A Special Relationship, The Woman in the Fifth and The Moment. He is also the author of three highly praised travel books. His work has been translated into twenty-two languages. In 2006 he was awarded the French decoration of Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Born in Manhattan, he has two children and currently divides his time between London, Paris, Berlin and Maine.


"This is the novel against which the rest of the year's output demands to be judged" Express on Sunday "Kennedy cannot help but write grippingly, and he weaves threads of love and betrayal into a thrillingly masterful ending" Observer "This superb story of divided loyalties and personal tragedy will heave you pinned to your seat" Woman & Home "Curl up and enjoy" Spectator "A triumph" Mail on Sunday
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