The Job

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April 2005



Young, smart and upwardly mobile, Ned and Lizzie Allen are relieved to have left behind their small-town roots and finally arrived in Manhattan. But when an apparent career break shows its true colours, Ned is faced with a serious ethical dilemma as well as the small matter of whether to lie to Lizzie.


Douglas Kennedy is the author of THE BIG PICTURE, THE DEAD HEART and three travel books, BEYOND THE PYRAMIDS, IN GOD'S COUNTRY and CHASING MAMMON. Born in New York City in 1955, he lives in London with his wife and two children.


What begins as an everyday tale of takeover, downsizing and outplacement in the ruthless Manhattan business world rapidly mutates for our ad sales hero Ned Allen into something altogether sinister and cut-throat. Slickly plotted, with dialogue crisper than a fresh pretzel, and cynically observant of modern mores. THE JOB rattles towards its concluison like a runaway train. Like a good salesman, Kennedy really knows how to close. ESQUIRE A furiously paced, compulsive thrille... there are affinities with John Grisham's THE FIRM, but a greater compliment is that THE JOB also reminds me of GLNGARRY GLEN ROSS, David Mamet's hymn to the salesman. THE TIMES Kennedy has again employed his Big Apple chutzpah, a lot of careful reseach and above all, his ability to tell a story that hardly ever slots down from express train speed to construct another highly entertaining page turner. IRISH TIMES Excellent... one of the best reads of the year. Frances Fyfield
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