Melancholia and Moralism

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April 2004



Essays challenging the increasing denial of the AIDS crisis and the rise of conservative gay politics.


Douglas Crimp is Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester. He is the author of On the Museum's Ruins and Melancholia and Moralism: Essays on AIDS and Queer Politics, both published by the MIT Press.


"A history of recent activism written with critical intelligence..." Alan W. Grose Lambda Book Report "Crimp is one of our greatest voices and Melancholia and Moralism demonstrates importance of his role in the AIDS crisis." Thomas McGovern Afterimage "For all its fiercely and finely argued points, Melancholia and Moralism is a deeply sympathetic book." Richard Kim The Nation "In his searing writings, Crimp takes on those who would suppress the exuberant gay sexual revolution." McGovern a&u "With HIV infections on the rise, our heath care systems in disarray, we need his righteous voice more than ever." Thomas McGovern Afterimage "Melancholia and Moralism marks the first time that Crimp's own writings on AIDS have been collected in a single volume." Richard Kim The Nation
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