Caregiving: Hospice-Proven Techniques for Healing Body and Soul

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September 1997



One of America' s leading hospice experts offers practical, easy-to-follow advice for caregivers and a holistic approach to treating the infirm or the terminally ill. Author Douglas C. Smith organizes his material around " A Bill of Patient' s Rights, " a unique system he has taught to thousands throughout the country. He explains that the caregiver should enable patients to retain these rights: to be in control • to have a sense of purpose • to know the truth to be comfortable • to touch and be touched • to laugh to cry and express anger • to explore the spiritual to have a sense of family Included are easy-to-follow techniques and practical tools for improving care: assessment techniques ■ dialogues ■ meditations ■ life reviews ■ breathing exercises ■ body revitalization methods ■ ways that patients can evaluate and improve their own care ■ and many others. Filled with inspirational stories and effective guidance, Caregiving also addresses how to communicate with difficult patients and those in denial, how to facilitate non-stressful family interaction, and other important topics. It will be invaluable to parents and children caring for their elders; physicians and nurses; social workers and home health aides; members of the clergy; and all facing the challenge of enriching patients' lives and spirits. Visit us online at http: //


Introduction: A Bill of Patient' Rights. Chapter One: The Right to Be in Control. Chapter Two: The Right to Have a Sense of Purpose. Chapter Three: The Right to Know the Truth. Chapter Four: The Right to Be Comfortable. Chapter Five: The Right to Touch and Be Touched. Chapter Six: The Right to Laughter. Chapter Seven: The Right to Cry and Express Anger. Chapter Eight: The Right to Explore the Spiritual. Chapter Nine: The Right to Have a Sense of Family. Chapter Ten: Conclusion. Notes. Resources. Index.
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