Eight Keys to an Extraordinary Board-Superintendent Partnership

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Provides detailed, hands-on guidance for building and managing a board-superintendent partnership that is close, positive, productive, and enduring. Eadie describes how the superintendent can wear the 'Chief Partnership Officer' hat, leading and managing a 'Board-Superintendent Partnership Program.'


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Preface: The Partnership Imperative Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 Key 1 Put Partnership at the Top of Your List Chapter 5 Key 2 Specialize in Governing "Business" Chapter 6 Key 3 Empower Your Board Chapter 7 Key 4 Turn Board Members into Owners Chapter 8 Key 5 Spice Up the Governing Stew Chapter 9 Key 6 Get Your Senior Administrators on Board Chapter 10 Key 7 Keep Expectations in Sync Chapter 11 Key 8 Stay on the High-Growth Path Chapter 12 About the Author


Doug Eadie, president of Doug Eadie & Company in Palm Harbor, Florida, writes, speaks, and consults on public and nonprofit board leadership and the board-CEO partnership. The author of 12 other books, including Extraordinary Board Leadership: The Seven Keys to High-Impact Governance, he has consulted with over 450 boards and CEOs. Before founding his consulting firm, he served as a community college senior executive, chief operating officer of a community services nonprofit, and an ancient history teacher at the secondary level.


...the overall features of this work are relevant even for superintendents who have experienced an unsuccessful tenure and are seeking a second chance in the superintendency. School Administrator One of the greatest strengths of Eight Keys To an Extraordinary Board-Superintendent Partnership is its practicality...Doug draws on 25 years of hands-on experience in providing advice and counsel that you can put to good use right now in your district...It serves as a perfect companion piece to The Board-Savvy Superintendent, and I recommend it to you without reservation. -- John R. Lawrence, former president, American Association of School Administrators
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