Now You Know Almost Everything

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Oktober 2005



The phenomenal success of the Now You Know and Now You Know More has encouraged this third Book of Answers. Now You Know Almost Everything continues with the same formula of dispensing knowledge concisely, never losing sight of the joy and fun of discovering the why of ordinary things.In Now You Know Almost Everything you will discover answers to hundreds of questions: Why can't grooms see their bride on the day before the wedding? Why is a swindle called a 'double-cross'? Why do people say, 'That's all she wrote'? Where did the word 'Canuck' come from? Now You Know Almost Everything makes sure that you just about know it all.


Doug Lennox is best known through his 35 years as a freelance writer, producer, and host in Canadian radio and television. His work at the CBC with such legends as Anne Murray and Ronnie Hawkins has won him acclaim and international recognition. As an actor, he has been featured in many movies and television dramas, including "X-Men" and "Nero Wolfe."


This was a fun, quirky read. I actually learned a lot from this book!
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