Colors of the Spirit

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August 1999



Seldom does a teacher come along with the ability to take the exuberance of spiritual joy and put it on a page in lessons of graceful simplicity and life-giving power. But in "Colors of the Spirit, readers are introduced to just such a teacher in Dorothy Ederer. Here she shares her own prescription for a fulfilling life, and illustrates it with the stories of those who have enriched her own journey. You will see in these stories people who looked inside themselves and discovered the potential God gave them to touch others. These individuals were the colors that brightened Dorothy's world, a world which was sometimes darkened by the hopelessness she encountered in her work as a counselor and teacher. Yet she found that just as white light is filtered through raindrops to create a rainbow, so too is God's light filtered through all of creation and manifested in each being in a unique way. In "Colors of the Spirit, Ederer goes through each color of the rainbow to share the special meanings they have for her, and how the qualities they represent can bring us peace and joy in our own lives. "From the Hardcover edition.

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