Beginner's Guide to Enamelling

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September 2004



Superbly illustrated guide to the art of decorating metal.


Enamel Guild West, California:This is a full color 64 perfect beginner's book. The information that it contains is practical, simple and precise. It is laced with subtle humor such as in the introduction, 'Enamelling can be done on the end of the kitchen table with the kiln sitting on top of the kitchen stove. Just remember that enamel is powdered glass, so it is not advisable to cook dinner at the same time.' At this point she directs the reader to the safety rules found on page 12.Explanations are short and do not contain extraneous words, but every word is necessary and helps to complete an important thought. Ms. Cockrell always gives a reason for a certain rule, safety precaution, or procedure. It is easier to remember the rule when we are told why we are cautioned to do a certain thing rather than just being told to do it. And the reasons are always on the same page as the procedure so the reader does not need to turn a page to find out why it should be remembered.The book begins with the necessary tools and equipment safety concerns, enamel colors, and a few other materials that can be used to complete projects. Alternatives are always given to the more expensive "bought" equipment. Once in awhile a British term will appear in the book that causes a quick re-read such as "an old fish slice."Everything that a beginning enamellist will experience is completely explained with as few words as possible. I was particularly touched by a statement explaining the difference between opaque and transparent enamel that is so simple yet so memorable for a beginning enamellistThree quarters of the book is devoted to projects, but each project has been chosen as a learning experience, from stenciling through more advanced procedures. In the stenciling process Ms. Cockrell even tells how to hold the stencil paper so that the enamel powder does not fall off as the paper is removed. On each page is a green "tip" square which further explains a particular procedure. Toward the end of the book Ms. Cockrell explains the difference between "hard" and 'soft" enamel and offers some great processes to understand this difference. It is interesting that she waited until the near end before she mentioned the firing difference in some enamels, but by doing so she did not "muddy the learning waters and also supplied a wonderful way to become aware of and use this difference.The book is a comfortable read from the very beginning and somewhere along the way Ms. Cockrell becomes a friend who knows some things that we may have forgotten or never knew. She deserves a place on your booksheIf as an instructor and as a friend.Diane Montag from 'The Vitreous Voice' journal of Enamel Guild West, California
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