The Prentice Hall Atlas of World History

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Dezember 2008



Produced in collaboration with Dorling Kindersley, the leader in cartographic publishing, this updated 2nd edition of Prentice Hall's "Atlas of Western Civilization" applies the most modern and innovative map-making techniques to present global history in all of its complexity and diversity. It presents both a broad overview and a detailed examination of historical developments.


Early Hominids Emergence of Modern Humans The World: Prehistory-10,000 BCE Early Peoples of North America Early Peoples of South America The World: 10,000-5000 BCE The Advent of Agriculture The World: 5000-2500 BCE The First East Asian Civilizations Polynesian Migrations The Fertile Crescent Urban Centers and Trade Routes The First Empires The Growth of the City The World: 750-500 BCE The Mediterranean World, 700-300 BCE The Empire of Alexander The World: 500-250 BCE Trade in the Classical World The Roman Empire Han China Religions of the World After 400 CE The World: 500-750 CE Civilizations and Cultures of North America 100-1500 CE The EMpires of the Andes, 350 BCE-1475 CE The Empire of Charlemagne The Abbasid Caliphate The Islamic Imprint African Empires and City-States States and Empires in South Asia 300-1550 The Age of the Crusades The Age of the Mongols Trade in Medieval Europe The Black Death The World: 1300-1400 The Aztec Empire The Inca Empire Global Economies and Technologies, ca 1500 Voyages of European Expansion The World: 1500-1600 The Ming and the Outside WOrld Reunification of Japan The Religious Map of Europe in 1590 The Height of the Ottoman Empire The Mughal Empire Safavid Persia The World: 1600-1700 17th Century Europe Qing China, 1644-1800 The World Slave Trade African Slave Exporting Regions, ca 1750 The Colonization of North America The Enlightenment in Europe: Subscriptions to the Encyclopedia South and Southeast Asia, 1765 An Era of Revolution The Napoleonic Empire Europe After the Congress of Vienna, 1815-1852 Industrial Development in Europe, 1850-1914 Foreign Imperialism in East Asia Imperialism in the Pacific Early European Impact in Australia The World: 1800-1850 North America: 1783-1905 The Scramble for Africa South America 1830-1920 The Economic Revolution The World in 1900 Global Migration Movements Against Colonial Rule, 1880-1920 Japanese Modernization World War I Russian Revolution Europe During the Great Depression World War II The Cold War Decolonization of Africa Decolonization of South and Southeast Asia Palestine and Israel, 1947-2007 The United States in the 1960s: Protests and Urban Unrest Political Change in South America Since 1930 Tiger Economies and Chinese Development Chinese Expansion and Asian Nationalism The Collapse of Communism and the EU The Panislamic World Global Warming, 1976-2006 The Modern World
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