Air Fares and Ticketing

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Februar 1995



For Air Fares and Ticketing or Principles of Reservations courses in two year and proprietary schools.
Air Fares and Ticketing, Third Edition represents a major revision and expansion of Airline Tariffs and Ticketing, designed to help the serious student of travel agency skills learn how to determine air fares and write tickets.


1. The Tariff and Ticketing Process: An Overview. 2. Flight Information Review. 3. Types of Air Trips. 4. Determination of Domestic Air Fares. 5. Determining Direct and Through Fares. 6. Determining Joint Fares. 7. Air Transportation Taxes. 8. The Standard Ticket. 9. Writing the Airline Ticket. 10. Some Special Ticketing Situations. 11. Writing the Airline Ticket. 12. Writing Conjunction Tickets. 13. Handling Credit Card Transactions. 14. The Prepaid Ticket Advice. 15. The Miscellaneous Charges Order. 16. The Tour Order. 17. Processing Ticket Refunds and Exchanges. 18. International Air Routings. 19. Determining International Air Fares. 20. The Mileage Principle. 21. Some Additional International Tariff Concepts. 22. Writing Amtrak Rail Tickets. 23. Preparing the ARC Sales Report.
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