Using Resources to Support Mathematical Thinking

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Using resources effectively is key to supporting children's mathematical learning. This idea is supported by the Primary Strategy, recent initiatives such as Excellence and Enjoyment and the growing emphasis on the need to develop children's thinking skills. This book explores how teachers can use resources effectively and so aid children in their mathematical problem-solving, reasoning and communication.


Children's mathematical thinking
Do resources matter in primary mathematics teaching and learning?
Using models and images to support children's mathematical thinking
Designing resources to develop logic and reasoning
Adapting resources for children with specific needs
Cross-curricular resources to develop mathematical thinking
The environment and the outdoor classroom as a mathematical resource
Exploiting interactive whiteboard technologies to support the development of mathematical thinking
Objectives index


Doreen Drews is a Principal Lecturer in Primary Mathematics at St Martin's College and has taught extensively within the Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. She was a mathematics advisory teacher for four years before joining St Martin's and has a particular interest in early years mathematics.


"This is an excellent book, filling an important hole in the study of learning and teaching in mathematics" (Senior Lecturer, University of Bedfordshire)
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