Bought Free

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November 2007



You have begun an encounter with the reality of the one true living God. This book was written by direction of the King of Kings, for there is no other way Donna would have written a book. As she shares with you in this book, she is very happy not even to be noticed. You will be taken on a journey that was difficult and lonely. This journey came close to having a tragic eternal ending, but for the grace of God. It is the personal story of a woman growing up in difficult circumstances. Life did not become more bearable until she discovered the One who loved her. It is the story of His love and persistence; and of her willingness to do things His way. Her story will draw you along the way to freedom and identity, as she lays out before you landmarks on the road to love, joy, peace and fulfillment. As you are drawn into her story, you will discover it is your story as well, for you too have a story of redemption, for you too have been "Bought Free." DONNA L. WATKINS was married to John Watkins and reared five children. Donna is active in church and with Victorious Ministry Through Christ, a ministry to bring healing to the body of Christ. John died in 1994, and in 1997, God called her to be the Coordinator for VMTC. This involves putting on schools to teach a pattern of prayer to bring healing. While sharing at these schools, Donna saw the need to write how God has healed, strengthened and used her for His benefit. This book is the result of God's call to share His power in her life so that others would be inspired to call on Him as their Redeemer.

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