On Sibyl's Shoulders: Seeking Soul in Library Leadership

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November 2005



Discussing the many elements of library leadership from a variety of perspectives_including ancient, contemporary, and feminist_and interwoven with candid insights and ideas of professional library leaders, this volume presents a unique and moving account of library leadership as it is today.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 1. The Soul in Library Leadership Chapter 3 2. Ancient, Contemporary, Critical, Feminist and Alternative Leadership Chapter 4 3. Bison in the Storm: Leaders and Leadership Qualities Chapter 5 4. How a Garden Grows: Nurturing Leadership through Educational Institutes Chapter 6 5. And What of You and Me: Leading with Soul in the Workplace Part 7 References Part 8 About the Author


Donna Brockmeyer is the Library Director at St. Thomas More College at the University of Saskatchewan.


...takes a varied and dynamic look at library leadership...This is a highly recommended book for all librarians. Info Career Trends This book offers librarians an interesting and thought provoking perspective on our profession and on what makes a great leader. Highly recommended for all libraries. Public Libraries, May/June 2007 ...universally relevant, illuminating, informative and helpful... Library Management, Vol. 27, No. 9 (2006) thoughtfully written and thought provoking. The Canadian Journal Of Library and Information Practice and Res Brockmeyer considers the practice of library leadership from a variety of perspectives. Some of the models of leadership she examines include ancient, contemporary, critical, feminist, and alternative. She also presents the personal stories of nine library leaders describing their own personal and professional development. Brockmeyer is the director of the Shannon Library at St. Thomas More College at the U. of Saskatchewan, Canada. The volume is based upon her doctoral dissertation. Reference and Research Book News
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