Portraying the Lady: Technologies of Gender in the Short Stories of Henry James

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From Isabel Archer to Maisie to Daisy Miller, female characters dominated work of Henry James. Exposing James' texts as registers of women's roles during the Victorian-Edwardian era, this book absolves him of complicity in perpetuating such gender stereotypes, while it demonstrates how those stereotypes operated to control women's activities.


Contents: Acknowledgments Introduction: The Manifold Arts of Re-vision Part 1. The Gaze: In the Museum of Women Confrontations 1. Women, Portraits, and Painters: "The Madonna of the Future" and "The Sweetheart of M. Briseux" 2. Women, Statues, and Lovers: "The Last of the Valerii" and "Adina" Substitutions 3. Woman as Object: "Rose-Agathe" 4. Woman as Image: "Glasses" Epilogue 1. Woman as Museum: "Maud-Evelyn" Epilogue 2. The Memoirs of an Objectified Woman: "Julia Bride" Part 2. The Voice: Discourses of Silence The Regime of Confession 5. Of Shame and Horror: "A London Life" and the Theatricals of Femininity 6. Dying to Speak: "The Visits" The Regime of Secrecy 7. Gender Trouble: "Georgina's Reasons" 8. The Word Not to Say It: "The Story in It" Epilogue 3. The Silence of the Sphinx: "The Beast in the Jungle" The End of the Story, or Telling a Different Story: "Mora Montravers" Notes Index


Donatella Izzo is a professor of American language and literature at the Istituto Universitario Orientale in Naples. She is the editor of four volumes of criticism and the author of three scholarly books.


"Donatella Izzo's multi-layered, methodologically complex approach to Henry James's short stories makes a provocative and satisfying study. . . . Izzo's wide ranging, eclectic use of critics and theorists, combined with her own prodigious knowledge of and attention to James's fiction, produces a wealth of insight and prodigality of spirited readings. Even Jamesians not concerned with the short fiction under scrutiny here will find Izzo's book of interest."--Sara deSaussure Davis, "South Atlantic Review"--Sara deSaussure Davis "South Atlantic Review "
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