Corrupt Exchanges: Actors, Resources, and Mechanisms of Political Corruption

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Dezember 1999



Political corruption has traditionally been presented as a phenomenon characteristic of developing countries, authoritarian regimes, or societies in which the value system favored tacit patrimony and clientelism. Recently, however, the thesis of an inverse correlation between corruption and economic and political development has been convincingly challenged. Countries with a long democratic tradition, such as the United States, Belgium, Britain, and Italy, have all experienced a combination of headline-grabbing scandals and smaller-scale cases of misappropriation. In Corrupt Exchanges, research on Italian cases is used to develop a model to analye corruption as a network of illegal exchanges. The book will serve both as a theoretical approach to a political problem of large bearing on democratic institutions and a descriptive warning of a system in peril.


The market for corrupt exchange - an introduction; the resources of corruption; the business of politicians; political parties and corruption; political corruption, bureaucratic corruption and the judiciary; brokers and occult power; the market for corruption and economic system; poltics, mafia and the corruption market; the dynamics of political corruption - a conclusion.
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