The Immortal Emperor: The Life and Legend of Constantine Palaiologos, Last Emperor of the Romans

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Januar 2002



The first biography of the last Byzantine Emperor.


List of illustrations; Preface; List of abbreviations; Genealogical table; 1. The dwindling empire; 2. Constantine: despot at Mistra; 3. Constantine: emperor at Constantinople; 4. The fall of Constantinople; 5. The death of Constantine; 6. The immortal emperor; 7. The dying embers; Bibliography; Index.


'This account of the life of Constantine XI Palaiologos, last Byzantine emperor, is the entertaining and well written product of deep research into the diverse sources which cover the last years of the Byzantine Empire ... The main text has the thrust of an epic work of fiction, but the powerful narrative is never allowed to eclipse the constant tight referencing, which gives the book its authority.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'The value of this work lies in its masterly synthesis of previous scholarship to produce a coherent and very readable account of the life of Constantine XI, the last Byzantine emperor ... a lucid and interesting account of an intriguing subject.' History '... a sympathetic portrait of a ruler who stood out nobly, albeit vainly, against the flow of events'. The Spectator 'Professor Nicol is also able to indulge his 'own enthusiasm for the lunatic fringe of Byzantine genealogy' ... The last chapters provide a highly entertaining addition to the theme Byzance apres Byzance. It is good to know that until quite recently there was still a Byzantine court and government in the Isle of Wight.' Times Literary Supplement '... lucid and compelling ...' The Times
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