The Island of the Blue Monkeys-II

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September 2007



Every intelligent race of beings believes it is more advanced, more evolved, and more civilized than any that have gone before. But inevitably, the moment arrives when it must realize that its true evolution has only just begun.

In the continuing story of The Island of the Blue Monkeys, author Donald Chittick takes readers to the forefront of this realization as one such race faces the challenges and struggles of transformation. As the blue monkeys begin to awaken, individually and collectively, they struggle with change as they move toward a future unlike any they could have imagined. With this tale of a civilization struggling with new ideas and unprecedented change, Chittick invites readers to reach for and discover a larger truth as they journey to The Island of the Blue Monkeys.

Author Don Chittick currently resides in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, with his wife and children.
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