Loving God and Disturbing Men

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August 2003



Loving God and Disturbing Men is an excellent resource for preachers and teachers that provides a balance between technical scholarly commentaries and popular devotional works. Its unique strength lies in the author's ability to show the relevance of the prophets for the contemporary church and its ministry. Readers will appreciate the detailed scholarly treatment of the prophetic literature the author provides. But equally important, the author demonstrates that what the prophets said about God, evil, repentance, history, social justice and eschatology has the ring of immediacy for us. Moreover, the study is helpful in treating the lives of the prophets
as models of spirituality in prayer, suffering and preaching. While the book is primarily for those who preach from the prophets, it is
suitable for a much wider audience.

"A book on preaching from the prophets is desperately needed today by the Christian audience if we are to be faithful in declaring the whole counsel of God to our contemporary generation. Professor Donald Leggett is to be commended on his desire to aid the Christian community and its proclaimers in advancing this cause. It is a pleasure to commend this work."
-Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

"Here is a pump-primer and launch-pad for preachers. Dr. Leggett's aim is to show us the wisdom of the prophets in a way that will excite us an enable us to share what we have seen. I appreciate this book, for I think it will do its job. And the job is an important one!"
-J. I. Packer

Donald A. Leggett (Th.D., Free University, Amsterdam) is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto, Ontario. For 25 years he also served as a pastor and elder at Village Green Baptist Church in London, Ontario.
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