Varieties of Darkness: The World of the English Patient

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November 2011



Part travelogue, part literary study, Varieties of Darkness is Don Meredith's account of his exploration of Michael Ondaatje's fascinating literary masterpiece The English Patient. Meredith mines the places, the real-life counterparts of the characters, and the curious creative mind of Ondaatje to offer fresh insights into the novel .


List of Figures Preface Acknowledgments Pare
I: The Last Medieval War
1. The Painter and the Thief
2. Michelangelo's Bridge
3. Via Vecchia Fiesolana
4. Horsemen in Bronze
5. White Lion
6. Fuorusciti
7. The Villa
8. Queen of Sheba
9. Trompe L'oeil Part
II: Sinners in a Holy City
10. Geography Manifest
11. Garden of Sensual Delights
12. Doppelgangers
13. Semiramis
14. Masr al-Qadima
15. What Country? Part
III: Looking for Zerzura
16. Vascular Sizood
17. The Angle of Repose
18. Oases
19. Major Hamid
20. 24th Parallel
21. Journey to Siwa
22. Lions and Hyenas
23. Tent With Calabash
24. Brandenburg Brigade
25. Drei Burgen
26. Wadi Sura
27. al-Aqaba
28. Looking for Zerzura
29. Abu Raml Notes Glossary Bibliography Index


Don Meredith, a native Californian, is the author of novels, short stories, articles, and essays. His story collection Wing Walking won the George Garrett Fiction Prize, and his essay collection Where the Tigers Were received a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize in Letters.


...Meredith is no ordinary travel writer. He digs into the backgrounds of poetry, novels and their authors with the skill and care of an archaeologist uncovering the Holy Grail. His main purpose in excavating the The English Patient is not only to lay bare the real identities behind Ondaatje's characters, as might be supposed. Nor is it to expose the many departures from historical fact the literary masterpiece, based on reality, contains. Critics have already pointed them out. In following the master's trail Meredith reveals the profundity of Ondaatje's own knowledge and research to show how he weaves it into his tale. The mystery Meredith sets out to solve is where fact stops and fiction begins. He primarily concerns himself with hunting down and reviewing the evidence, both forensic, and that based on contemporary witness accounts, where they exist. He is not in the business of reaching a verdict, for Ondaatje's genius is not on trial - of that Meredith is already convinced. His purpose is to tread the footsteps of both the fictional and real characters Ondaatje employs. He wants to see, and he wants us to see, the seams where reality and fantasy meet, and where they part. ...Meredith's scholarly work not only entertains, but serves as valuable guide to literature and art for we armchair adventurers who would rather others did our traveling to potentially hazardous environs for us. (For the full review, please see: -- Bryan Hemming,
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