Mounds for the Dead

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September 1996



This is a classic in the archaeology of the eastern United States. When first published in 1963, it was the definitive study of the Adena culture, a burial-cult manifestation in the middle and upper Ohio Valley dating from about 1000 BC to 100 BC. Now in its third printing, this is a must for anyone interested in the Adena people. Dragoo's analysis of the Adena culture opens with a site report of the Cresap Mound, Marshall County, West Virginia, which he excavated in 1958. This virtually intact prehistoric structure represented two periods of interment and contained artefacts associated with 54 burials. Dragoo goes on to discuss the origins of the Adena people, the development of their culture, and their relationship to other groups.


Don W Dragoo was affiliated with The Carnegie Museum of Natural History from 1952 to 1977, culminating his career as chief curator of the Section of Anthropology. Upon his death, all memorials mentioned the significance of 'Mounds for the Dead'.

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