A Postillion Struck by Lightning

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September 2005



Dirk Bogarde's own vivid and engaging account of his childhood and first steps as an actor - a bestseller on first publication in 1977.


Dirk Bogarde was one of Britain's most distinguished and successful actors. With films such as Death in Venice, Accident, The Night Porter and A Bridge too far, he established an international reputation. But he also wrote several bestselling memoirs. He died in 1999.


'This engaging memoir tells of Bogarde's childhood amidst the enchanting beauty of rural Sussex...followed by his forays on to the stage with the local amateur dramatic society...and his experiences as a young actor before he became world-famous.' -- Charles Osborne THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 'Who knew that Dirk Bogarde was such a good writer? ... Full of surprises.' HAM & HIGH
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