Problems on Statistical Mechanics (Pbk)

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This book provides over 120 problems with model solutions, illustrating both basic principles and applications that range from solid-state physics to cosmology. An introductory chapter summarizes the basic concepts and results that are needed to tackle the problems, and establishes the notation that is used throughout the book. The problems in the remaining chapters progress from the simpler aspects of thermodynamics and equilibrium statistical ensembles to the more challenging ideas associated with strongly interacting systems and nonequilibrium processes. The book also includes comprehensive solutions to all of the problems. The appendix provides useful mathematical formulae.


Preliminaries Review of theoretical definitions and formulae Notation used throughout the book Thermodynamics First and second law Thermodynamic potentials and quantities Maxwell relations Simple thermodynamic processes Statistical Ensembles Microcanonical, canonical, and grand canonical ensembles Connection with thermodynamics Equipartition theorem Noninteracting gases of classical particles Noninteracting lattice-type systems Gases of molecules Quantum Statistics Statistics of indistinguishable particles, bosons, and fermions Density of states Black body radiation Debye's models for solids Bose condensation Fermi gas Interacting Systems Classical gases and virial coefficients Critical exponents in phase transitions Ising type models and Heisenberg modes Exact and mean field approaches Nonequilibrium Systems Random walk Markov chains Master equation Diffusion phenomena Boltzmann transport equation Relaxation time approximation Appendix: Useful Mathematical Formulae Index
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