The Paraeducator in the Elementary School Classroom: Facilitator's Manual

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At least 70 to 90 percent of paraeducators are hired without prior training. And until now, there has been no formal professional development program designed specifically for those filling this essential role. This book fills this gap. Twelve training modules on topics such as classroom management, educational law, instructional strategies, and performance evaluations, are the core of this practical text. Program facilitators will be pleased by the extensive step-by-step support present in this book--from support activities to checklists to evaluation forms.


Part One: preparing for training; checklist for paraeducator training; morning preparation; paraeducator training agenda; warm-up activity - day one; warm-up activity - day two; warm-up activity - day three; cool-down activity - day one; support activity 1; support activity; paraeducator training evaluation; how to use this manual. Part Two: the training; who are you?; are you qualified?; are you confused about safety?; what do you need to know about classroom management and discipline?; what does the elementary school look like?; what do school administrators, principals, and teachers mean when they say...?; look how how much you know!; just for the classroom teacher!; reflection time for you - the paraeducator in the elementary school classroom!; certificate of appreciation.
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