Meet Your Ancestors

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Januar 2004



Meet Your Ancestors, written by Diane Marelli, provides an introduction to the whole process of discovering your own family history. Topics covered include searching for birth, marriage and death certificates, census and church records, newspaper archives, and using the Internet.


The diary of an amateur genealogist - The author's four-year diary takes the reader through the exciting, frustrating and all consuming obsession that is tracing your family history. - Topics covered include searching for Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, Census and Church records, and newspaper archives that hold the secrets to your family history. - Invaluable advice on using the Internet, lateral thinking to solve a mystery, asking for help and storing records.


I was born Diane Moloney in Liverpool in 1953. A bright sunny May morning on a weekend that Elizabeth would be crowned Queen of England. At 33 years of age I married Brian Marelli and settled into the life I had always longed for. When my father-in-law Albert William Marelli died in June 1998, the experience awakened earlier grief and moved me to delve firstly into my husband's family history and then into my own. The more successful I became with my research, the more my circle of friends, family, colleagues and their friends wanted to know how to do it. I had picked up so much basic information which other people wanted to learn from me that I was inspired to write this book.
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