A Woman's Ladder to Success Is Paved with Broken Glass Ceilings

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Women face the glass ceiling day in and day out. Why is this a never ending battle? A Womens Ladder to Success Is Paved With Broken Glass Ceilings!: A Leadership Fable by Diane Dutton, CPA, CEO, CFO, gives the reader keen insights into why the glass ceiling continues to stymie womens career goals. Our fable guide through the material, Jesse Stevens, shows lessons she learned throughout her career. With over 26 years of life and business lessons, successes from CFO to CEO, from author to lecturer, Jesse has a story to tell. Using lessons she has learned through her career, she shows women how to work from fact, not emotion, and how to step ahead to that image of success. Jesse begins by studying the boys vs. girls theories, then moves on to how each management quality and management core value can be used to enhance the readers career. Jesse offers a self-test to give readers a snapshot of their current status and wraps up with Eight Business Fallacies that all executives, man or woman, need to know. Women possess real power and Jesses job is to get them to use it! Bio: As a young professional woman, Diane Dutton decided to think her way through the glass ceilings she discovered looming overhead. An MBA and CPA, she used her experiences, observations, and a plan to leave a trail of shattered glass behind her. In 26 years she has held the positions of Director of Finance and CFO, in public and private companies, and is currently CEO of CK Systemz, LLC, a start-up software development company she formed with her husband, where she has continued to help business professionals with the development of break-thru patented interactive software solutions for Small Business. A member of NAWBO, NAFE, and the AICPA, Ms. Dutton is the current Treasurer for the Nevada Society of CPAs, and Past President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Nevada Society of CPAs. She is proud to be a CPA Ambassador 2006, representing the 360 of Financial Literacy program for the AICPA. She has also taught Accounting at UNLV, and seminars in Accounting and Tax for CPE Inc.

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