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Part of the "Steps to Success" series, this book is aimed at beginner and intermediate softball players, as well as coaches of beginner and intermediate teams. It provides instruction on individual skills and team tactics of the sport, and includes over 150 illustrations and diagrams that show how each technique and tactic should be performed.


Chapter 1. Catching and Throwing; Chapter 2. Fielding; Chapter 3. Pitching; Chapter 4. Hitting; Chapter 5. Bunting and Slap Hitting; Chapter 6. Baserunning; Chapter 7. Defensive Roles and Responsibilities; Chapter 8. Defensive Tactics; Chapter 9. Offensive Tactics; Chapter 10. Modified Games; Chapter 11. Slow-Pitch Games.


Co-author of the first two editions of the book, Diane Potter taught physical education for 40 years at Springfield College, Massachusetts. She has run softball clinics in Italy and Aruba, as well as taking her college softball teams to Holland three times to give clinics for the Dutch youth softball programme. Lynn Johnson has 18 years of softball coaching experience at school and college level.


"""Softball: Steps to Success "is an exceptional resource for teaching the fundamental skills of softball, whether in a physical education class setting or in a more competitive environment. The authors provide a comprehensive breakdown of each skill and tactic, drills for improving execution, and final challenges to augment development. It's a must-have resource for the softball enthusiast!""
BJ Ferguson
Head Softball Coach, University of Delaware
Associate Professor
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