An Introduction to Community Dance Practice

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This introductory textbook is aimed at undergraduates studying community dance. Drawing on high profile contributors, the book is packed with case studies, interviews and examples that students can use to explore issues in community dance practice. A resources section includes session plans, evaluation tools and questionnaires.


List of Illustrations and Figures.- Foreword by Foundation for Community Dance.- Preface.- Acknowledments.- Notes on Contributors.- PART I: DEFINITIONS AND CONTEXTS.- Introduction.- Community Dance what's that? Diane Amans.- Dance in the Community Sara Houston.- Community Voices Diane Amans.- PART II: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES.- Introduction.- Love Difference Ken Bartlett.- Whose voice is it anyway? Louise Katerega.- Reasonable Care Penny Greenland.- PART III: COMMUNITY DANCE PERFORMANCE.- Introduction.- Community Dance in Performance Heidi Wilson.- Aiming for Stewardship not Ownership Rosemary Lee.- Yes but is it dance? Helen Poynor.- Meetings with Strangers Adam Benjamin.- PART IV: COMMUNITY DANCE PRACTITIONERS.- Introduction.- The Dynamic role of the Community Dance Practitioner Diane Amans.- Getting to where you want to be Sue Akroyd.- Career Pathways and Employers' Perspectives Keyna Paul.- Partnership Working Diane Amans.- PART V: COMMUNITY DANCE DELIVERY.- Introduction.- Planning a Session Diane Amans.- Giving Value? Diane Amans.- Project Co-ordination Diane Amans.- Challenges and Tension Lines Diane Amans.- Index to resources section Diane Amans.- RESOURCES.- Notes.- References.


DIANE AMANS is the founder of Freedom in Dance, and an experienced practitioner and training consultant. She writes regularly for a range of professional publications and is an invited speaker at conferences around the world.


'A rich stock of case studies and personal experiences - often moving - bring theoretical concerns to life...this is an inspiring read that will give courage to all those dancers who work with community groups. There should be a well-thumbed copy in every dancer's kitbag.' - François Matarasso, Arts Professional
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