A Caduceus is for Killing

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Juni 2001



When Dr. Andrea Pearson, an AIDS researcher, finds Dr. Milton Grafton mutilated and brutally murdered, she begins a descent into the bizarre that threatens her academic appointment and ultimately, her life. Homicide detective, Gary Krastowitcz, isn't prejudiced. He suspects everyone equally. The social implications of Grafton's murder lead the detective to a list of implausible suspects until he learns that things are not always what they seem. And so it begins...


Diana Kirk has had sex in thirty-seven countries on five continents, none of which was documented on Facebook. But she swears it happened. She's also made millions as a real estate investor, which has not been documented on her taxes, but she swears it happened, too. All of her life successes came about because she was super popular in high school. Which happened. Because she said so. Therefore it must be the truth. (PS-She doesn't live in a VW van anymore but somewhere in a house in Oregon.)
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Verlag: Hard Shell Word Factory
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2001
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