Studying Those Who Study Us: An Anthropologist in the World of Artificial Intelligence

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Diana E. Forsythe was a leading anthropologist of science, technology, and work who pioneered the field of the anthropology of artificial intelligence. This volume collects her best-known essays, along with other major works that remained unpublished upon her death in 1997. It is also an exemplar of how reflexive ethnography should be done.


Editor's introduction; Editor's note; 1. Blaming the user in medical informatics: the cultural nature of scientific practice; 2. The construction of work in artificial intelligence; 3. Engineering knowledge: the construction of knowledge in artificial intelligence; 4. Knowing engineers? A response to Forsythe; 5. STS (Re)constructs anthropology: reply to Fleck; 6. Artificial intelligence invents itself: collective identity and boundary maintenance in an emergent scientific discipline; 7. New bottles, old wine: hidden cultural assumptions in a computerized explanation system for migrane sufferers; 8. Ethics and politics of studying up in technoscience; 9. Studying those who study us: medical informatics appropriates ethnography; 10. 'It's just a matter of common sense': ethnography as invisible work; 11. Disappearing women in the social world of computing; 12. George and Sandra's daughter, Robert's girl: doing ethnographic research in my parents' field; Appendix; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


The late Diana E. Forsythe was Associate Professor in the Medical Anthropology Program at the University of California, San Francisco, and a visiting scholar in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University.


'Diana Forsythe pioneered the field of the anthropology of artificial intelligence, and the essays in this collection are crucially important for three reasons. First, they have historical value as groundbreaking work in a new field. Second, they have enduring value for other scholars, notably the burgeoning number of social scientists studying computer cultures. And Forsythe's careful discussions of her methods, and the interesting reflexivity she worked out, will serve as important models for future anthropologists and others. Theeditor has done an outstanding job of selecting, ordering, and introducing the essays.' Paul N. Edwards, University of Michigan
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