Transformed for Life: How to Know God Better and Love Him More

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Discover the transforming power of God as Father, Deliverer and Healer. Extravagant Love The Bible talks about being "rooted and established in love," but what does that really mean? Derek Prince helps you grasp, maybe for the first time, the boundless love of the Father. You will enjoy a new dimension of responding to God's extravagant love for you. The Divine Exchange Find out what really happened on the cross, when God visited on Jesus the evil due to you, in order to make available to you the good that was due to Jesus. Lay hold of an incredible concept, with many applications to your day-to-day life, that too many believers miss! Who Is the Holy Spirit? Prince unfolds the main aspects of the identity, gifts and nature of the Holy Spirit and shows you how to maintain a vital relationship with this omnipresent Friend and Guide. Life's Bitter Pool Turn disappointments into God's appointments. Join Moses at the bitter waters of Marah, and discover how strikingly applicable the story is for you today, regardless of the disappointment you are facing. Fatherhood Learn to relate to the Father in a remarkable new way. You will gain a greater sense of identity, self-worth and security, and a better understanding of how our relationship with God is the perfect model for fatherhood on earth. From Curse to Blessing Prince describes the nature of blessings and curses, how they operate and how you can recognize if a curse is at work in your life. Experience freedom from the struggles you thought you had to live with!


Derek Prince lives in Jerusalem and is a Bible expositor with a worldwide radio ministry. He is the author of more than forty books, including Husbands and Fathers, and hundreds of audio and video teaching cassettes, many of which have been translated into more than sixty languages.
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