Images of Aging: Cultural Representations of Later Life

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August 1995



We all have a finite life span. We are born, we get old and we die. Given the universality of the aging process, it is remarkable that there is almost a complete absence of study of culture and self-image of the middle aged and old. "Images of Aging: Cultural" "Representations of Later Life" changes this. The contributors discuss images of aging which have come to circulate in the advanced industrial societies of today. They address themes such as: body and self image in everyday interaction; experience and identity in old age; advertising and consumer culture images of the elderly; images of aging used by Government agencies in health education campaigns; the diversity of historical representations of the elderly; gender images of aging; images of senility and second childhood; images of health, illness and death.


1. Introduction Mike Featherstone and Andy Wernick Historical and Comparative Perspectives 2. Images of old America, 1790-1970 - A Vision and a Revision Andy Achenbaum, University of Michigan 3. Images of Positive Ageing: A Case Study of Retirement Choice Magazine Mike Featherstone and Mike Hepworth, University of Aberdeen 4. The Status and the Image of the Elderly in Japan: Understanding the Paternalistic Ideology Shuichi Wada, Waseda University, Japan Imagining the Lifespan: From Premodern Miracles to Postmodern Fantasies Stephen Katz, Trent University Gender and Identity 6. Tribute to the Older Women: Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Ageism Kathleen Woodward, University of Wisconsin 7. Imageing the Age of Men Jeff Hearn, University of Bradford Relations Between the Generations 8. Changing Images of Ageing and the Social Construction of the Life Course Tamara Hareven, University of Delaware and Harvard University 9. Back to our Futures: Imageing Second Childhood Jenny Hockey and Allison James, both of University of Hull 10. Children's Drawings of Grandparents: A Quantitative Analysis of Images Cornelia Hummel, Jean-Charles Rey and Christian Lalive d'Epinay, all of University of Geneva Consumer Culture 11. From Gloom to Boom: Age, Identity and target Marketing Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University 12. Chan is Missing: The Death of the Ageing Asian Eye Norman Denzin, University of Illinois 13. Creating Memories: Some Images of Ageing in Mass Tourism David Chaney, University of Durham The Body, Ageing and Technology 14. Post-bodies, Ageing and Virtual Reality Mike Featherstone 15. Ageing and Identity: Some Reflections on the Somatization of the Self Bryan S Turner, Deakin University, Autralia 16. The Grim Reaper and Cheery Condom: Images of Ageing and Death in Australian AIDS Education Campaigns John Tulloch, Charles Sturt University, Australia 17. Selling Funerals, Imaging Death Andrew Wernick
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