With Wax

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April 1999



Quill pen, linotype, computer: does "how" you write affect "what" you write? In "with wax," derek beaulieu spurns the sentence and woos the phrase, the image and the language of printing, weaving fragments together to address the question of how publishing and printing affect writing.
The result is a series of poems - marvellous hybrids of visual, Language and lyrical poetry - that are sure to im"press."


derek beaulieu is the author of three books of poetry, and co-editor of Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry (Mercury, 2005). He has been editor with dANDelion, filling Station and endNote magazines. He was publisher of housepress from 1997-2004, and has edited special issues of Whitewall of Sound and Open Letter. He has lectured and discussed poetics across North America and the UK, and currently lives in Calgary.


'With wax explores the history of making the Word material - from cave painting to movable type to word processing - and shows what you can do with language when you get it on your hands. In these lively literary landscapes and poetic portraits, derek beaulieu dissects signification, worrying the morpheme and exploding the grapheme. Watch your eyes.'
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