Joyce Effects: On Language, Theory, and History

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August 2005



This is a series of connected essays by one of today's leading commentators on James Joyce.


1. Introduction: on being a Joycean; 2. Deconstructive criticism of Joyce; 3. Popular Joyce?; 4. Touching 'Clay': Reference and reality in Dubliners; 5. Joyce and the ideology of character; 6. 'Suck was a queer word': Language, sex, and the remainder in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; 7. Joyce, Jameson, and the text of history; 8. Wakean history: not yet; 9. Molly's flow: the writing of 'Penelope' and the question of women's language; 10. The postmodernity of Joyce: chance, coincidence, and the reader; 11. Countlessness of live-stories: narrativity in Finnegan's Wake; 12. Finnegans awake, or the dream of interpretation; 13. The Wake's confounded language; 14. Envoi; Judging Joyce.


' ... any collection of essays from such a popular and respected Joycean mandarin as Attridge would be welcome ... The selection here artfully balances abstract argument with refreshing contemporary exercises in close reading ... Essays have all the hallmarks of the experienced critic and scholar in their confident ability to couch serious, sophisticated, and regularly challenging ideas in the most limpidly accessible English prose ...'. James Joyce Literary Supplement
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