No Place for Amateurs: How Political Consultants Are Reshaping American Democracy

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Despite all the grassroots citizen activity through online avenues in recent years, it is still true that professional consultants are the ones running elections in the U.S. Dennis Johnson further explores how consultants are reshaping democracy. The second edition addresses the many recent changes in political campaigns, including a new landscape of campaign funding, the media and technology's increased importance to the way campaigns are run and targeted, as well as updating the cast of consultants and elections referenced in examples.


Introduction: Canvassing the Political Landscape Part 1: Professional Campaigning: New Realities, New Challenges 1. Celebrity Consultants and Professionally Driven Campaigns 2. Running for Office: Not for the Faint of Heart 3. Case Study: Challenging an Incumbent U.S. Senator: The Realities of a Tough, Hard- Fought, Professional Campaign Part 2: Weapons of Modern Campaigning 4. Political Research: Digging Up the Dirt 5. Testing Public Opinion 6. The Media, Old and New 7. Targeting Voters 8. The Money Chase Part 3: Wider Reach of Political Consulting 9. Ballot Issues, Local Elections, and Consultants 10. Citizens, Voters, and Democratic Choice. Appendix A: Citizens' Internet Resource Guide. Appendix B: Leading Political Consulting Firms


Dennis W. Johnson is Professor and former Associate Dean of the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management, Washington, D.C.
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