On Germans and Other Greeks: Tragedy and Ethical Life

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September 2001



Examining tragedy as one of the highest forms of human expression for both the ancients and the moderns, this book presents what Greek tragedy and German philosophy reveal about the meaning of art for ethical life.


Table of Contents: In Lieu of a Preface Key to Frequently Cited Works Questions 1. Plato 2. Aristotle Interlude: Kant and Schelling Appendix A: The Earliest System-Program of German Idealism Appendix B: Tenth Letter on Dogmatism and Criticism 3. Hegel 4. H'lderlin Appendix C: Letter to Bahlendorf Appendix D: Letter to Brother Appendix E: "In lovely blueness ... " Appendix F: Empedocles Appendix G: The Death of Empedocles 5. Nietzsche 6. Heidegger Appendix H: Heidegger's Translation of the Choral Ode from Antigone Appendix I: Halderlin's Translation of the Choral Ode from AntigoneConvictions and Suspicions Notes Bibliography Index


Dennis J. Schmidt is Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University. He is author of The Ubiquity of the Finite and translator of Ernst Bloch's Natural Law and Human Dignity.


"Schmidt's investigation of tragedy is a highly significant, powerful work, one with far reaching consequences. It bears on our understanding of the role of the arts and of philosophical thinking in our culture." --Rodolphe Gasch
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