The Winter Gardeners

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In the town of Lake Wachannabee, Ontario, lies the Winter Garden, home to matron Giggy Andrewes and her brood: her strung-out nephew Jem Waferly, his friend Cora, Chappy the whippet, two peacocks, and Jem's lover Rob, who lies convalescing after having had most of his flesh stripped away. A mystery? Well, yes, it would be if only the characters weren't so easily distracted by the noir-ishly handsome chief inspector, the seductive female veterinarian and the dashing anthropology professor studying the Winter Garden's gorge. The Winter Gardeners spend a summer of sultry afternoons nursing Rob, languidly drinking cocktails and trying to picture "Nude Descending Staircase" in their supposedly Cubist garden. Soon, however, they find themselves in a court room, where their family's values are on trial in a case reminiscent of that of Oscar Wilde.


Dennis Denisoff is the author of the novel Dog Years, a book of poetry, Tender Agencies, and two scholarly studies, Aestheticism and Sexual Parody 1840-1940 and the forthcoming Sexual Visuality from Literature to Film 1850-1950. He is one of the early members of the Kootenay School of Writing and he edited the first-ever collection of Canadian gay prose, Queeries.


Praise for Dennis Denisoff's previous books: 'Dynamic in its raw gestures into the social noise that engulfs us. This is just the kind of building material we need to challenge the rust.' -Fred Wah'Quirky, profound, witty, camp, self-mocking, self-castigating, it never ceases to fascinate.... [Dog Years] is not merely a good book; it is a great one.'
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