Movies for Masses: Popular Cinema and Soviet Society in the 1920s

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November 1993



A pathbreaking study of Soviet cinema in the 1920s.


Introduction; Part I. Contexts: I. A historical overview 'from below'; 2. The entertainment or enlightenment debate; 3. The inostranshchina in Soviet cinema; Part II. Practice: 4. Genres and hits; 5. Images and stars; 6. Iakov Protazanov, the 'Russian Griffith'; Part III. Alternatives: 7. Boris Barnet, Soviet actor/Soviet director; 8. Fridrikh Ermler and the social problem film; 9. For workers and peasants only - factory and tractor films; Conclusion.


'Youngblood is an extremely knowledgeable guide. It seems that she has perused all contemporary film journals and read almost every film review. She wastes no time on over-clever analysis of individual frames; there is no semiotics, deconstruction or any other modern over-valued analytical tool here. Instead we hear the knowledgeable, intelligent and confident voice of an expert. It is a wonderful book.' Peter Kenez, Europe-Asia Studies '[Movies for the masses] is often provocative and stimulating. It is also well written, very readable and has a style that engages both the reader's attention and the intellect ... It provides a wealth of statistical information ... and will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers from politics, film and cultural studies ... [It] is a 'good read' and you leave it knowing more about the period, as well as having your own arguments 'honed' by the new evidence and opinions provided.' Roger Powell, Drama
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