The Tide at Sunrise: A History of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905

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This is an account of one of the pivotal conflicts of the 20th century whose impact was felt around the world.


Part 1 Opening round: the first Pearl Harbour. Part 2 The momentum of decision: rising sun rising; Russia, the boiling pot; Korea, the cockpit; carving up China; the wedding of the moon and the mud turtle; the end of the mangy triumvirate; and so to war. Part 3 The early stage: one hundred victories in one hundred battles; "a place of honour in the naval annals"; practical joke; "little grandfather" arrives ...; ...and fights; on to the Yalu; Russia's day; Nanshan; the siege begins; Te-li-ssu and the Motien pass; the Yellow Sea. Part 4 Elusive victory: the disastrous frontal assault; Liaoyang; Nogi fails again; Sha-ho; on the dogger bank; the long, long trail; the fall of Port Arthur; "the place of peace"; sabotage, St. Petersburg and San-de-pu; Mukden; journey of the damned; battle of shadows; Portsmouth. Part 5 The aftermath: unfinished business.


'Excellent text, full of illuminating anecdotes, fluent and readable.' - Casemate
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