In the Eyes of the Dragon: China Views the World

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Presenting new and invaluable Chinese perspectives on international relations in general and Beijing's foreign policy in particular, this work offers the first balanced and thoroughly researched analysis by Chinese scholars. Drawing on original Chinese sources and interviews, In the Eyes of the Dragon explores Chinese views on sovereignty, national interest, security multilateralism, international human rights, nuclear nonproliferation, Taiwan, and the United States.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Introduction: Toward an Understanding of China's Worldview Chapter 3 Self Image and Strategic Intentions: National Confidence and Political Insecurity Chapter 4 Conception of National Interests: Realpolitik, Liberal Dilemma, and the Possibility of Change Chapter 5 Managing Conflict: Chinese Perspectives on Multilateral Diplomacy and Collective Security Chapter 6 Human Rights and Democracy Chapter 7 Nuclear Nonproliferation Chapter 8 Public Images of the United States Chapter 9 Sino-U.S. Relations: The Economic Dimensions Chapter 10 China and Its Asian Neighbors: Implications for Sino-U.S. Relations Chapter 11 Taiwan: From Peaceful Offense to Coercive Strategy Chapter 12 Pride, Pressure, and Politics: the Roots of China's Worldview Chapter 13 Selected Bibliography Chapter 14 Index Chapter 15 About the Editors and Contributors


Yong Deng is associate professor in the Department of Political Science, U.S. Naval Academy. Fei-Ling Wang is associate professor at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology.


A critical and comprehensive analysis of Chinese politics by Chinese scholars with advanced U.S. degrees. The research is most impressive; the authors combine recent interviews in Beijing with disciplined analysis based on a close reading of Chinese sources not always available in the West. They also include fresh material on post-Deng China. Superb for undergraduate and graduate use, this book will be widely used. -- Allen Whiting, University of Arizona The authors of this volume represent a "new cohort of extremely bright products of the Chinese education system" who have gone on to undertake demanding graduate programmes in the USA and who are uniquely able to bridge gap between Western analytical methods and Chinese scholarship. These Chinese authors, joined by Thomas Christensen of MIT, draw on Chinese academic studies and journalistic commentaries to provide useful summaries of evolving Chinese thinking on international questions that are of concern to Beijin. -- Kenneth C. Walker Asian Affairs This volume is a welcome relief from strident and shrill assessments of People's Republic of China foreign policy which have cropped up in the post-Cold War era. ...this highlights the evident usefullness of the book under review as an important statement of the challenge of a rising China. Students and scholars can find no better mirror in which to test their own vision of the risks and opportunities posed by China to global stability in the twenty-first century. Canadian Journal of Political Science If a reader seeks a sophisticated and thorough answer to the question 'why don't the Chinese like America now?' this is the book to read... This is one of those rare books that combine enough depth for advanced students and sufficient transparency for the uninitiated. -- H. Nelsen, University of South Florida CHOICE
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