Stories of Student Teaching: A Case Approach to the Student Teaching Experience

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Juni 1997



"Stories of Student Teaching" provides individuals involved with the student teaching experience the opportunity to read and reflect on case studies which realistically depict this leaming situation. Through discussion of the experiences described, future student teachers can determine how they might react in situations similar to those presented and plan their educational experiences to prepare themselves to meet these kinds of challenges. Current student teachers can compare their own experiences to those in the text and find opportunities to generate solutions to problems that they might be facing or validate the approach that they are currently using. Cooperating teachers and college supervisors can gain insight and understanding into this complex apprenticeship experience by reading and reflecting on the words of individuals who have been a part of a student teaching experience.


I. EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS. 1. Meeting All of Their Needs. 2. Getting to Know Myself. 3. I Want to be Alone. 4. Meeting Them Where They Are. 5. To Be or Not To Be... 6. Content or Kids? 7. Time Pressures. 8. Is Honesty the Best Policy? 9. Keeping My Cool: Classroom Management. 10. Inclusion Conclusions. II. TWICE-TOLD TALES. 11. Looking in the Mirror. 12. What Exactly is a "C"? 13. I Get No Respect. 14. We Don't Do Group Work Here. 15. First Impressions. 16. It's Not What You Said; It's How You Said It! 17. On My Own: Sink or Swim? 18. Reflections and Connections. 19. Beyond the Classroom. 20. Parents as Partners. III. LOOKING BACK. 21. Retaking Student Teaching: Failure or Fortune. 22. The Way It Was. Index.
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