Biology and Violence: From Birth to Adulthood

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Oktober 2007



An examination of criminal behaviour from birth to adulthood in order to determine the biological and sociological influences on violence.


Foreword Marvin E. Wolfgang; Preface; Introduction; 1. Biological and environmental influences on crime; 2. Violent criminals as children and as adults; 3. Intelligence and crime; 4. Biological and environmental predictors of crime; 5. Case studies of violent and career criminals; 6. Biology and responsibility; Appendix: selection and distribution of Biosocial Project variables; References; Author index; Subject index.


"The first chapter provides a very comprehensive literature review to lay the groundwork regarding the debate over biological versus environmental impacts on criminal behavior and to demonstrate the lack of unanimity among theorists...She also provides an excellent critique of research methodology, pointing out the flaws in previous research on biological determinants of crime." Linda S. Moore, Social Science Quarterly "Denno's book is a refreshing change; it is an explicit effort to evaluate the role of both biological and social influences in criminal behavior...This book takes an important first step toward integrating biological and social perspectives..." David C. Rowe, Contemporary Sociology
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