Baby and Me

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"Baby and Me" offers solid guidance for mothers and mothers-to-be whose reading skills are limited and who may have limited access to adequate health care. The material is carefully chosen, focusing on basics like prenatal care, lifestyle choices, nutritional advice, and baby's first few months. This updated edition includes new chapters on parent/newborn interaction; baby's health, feeding, and safety; a more positive approach to breastfeeding; and current recommendations on immunizations, SIDS, and antibiotics. Checklists, a glossary, and a list of additional resources round out this invaluable book.


Deborah D. Stewart has made a career of making complex information understandable as a health professional and advocate for children's safety. She spent time in the Peace Corps and with Planned Parenthood, working in family planning and nutrition in both organizations. In the last decade she has focused on the health issues of mothers and children from pregnancy through the early years of childhood.
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Untertitel: The Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Newborn Care. 4 Rev ed. b/w & colour illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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