My Special Place, Today

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Mai 2008



My Special Place Today is a continuation of "My Special Place." From a small girl growing up in a family where there is no unity between parents, and children or between sisters and brothers. This young girl learns many of life's lessons that take her from the innocence of a child into her adult years where she struggles to make her life in to something that matters. Does she deem herself unfit to be a loving daughter, mother, and wife. Yet throughout her life she struggles to understand the spirituality of her faith. Through her faith in God she reaches out to people of all kinds, the sick, the healthy, the intelligent, and also the happy and the sad. We come to know Deanne as a woman who has been exposed to mental illness and through all her trials we read her story of how she learns to open up herself to those who can learn from her experiences. Her journeys are heart wrenching and truthful with the subtlety of human emotion.

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