The Crooked Man

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Januar 1998



Harry Fielding is a shabby, solitary, but basically cheerful sort, living in a seamy flat in London and subsisting on a diet of gin and airline meals. He also works for MI5. However, when he witnesses a violent crime, Harry, crooked man, decides to go straight.


Philip Davison was born in 1957 in Dublin, where he now lives. He has written three other novels in the Harry Fielding series: The Long Suit, A Burnable Town and McKenzie's Friend; as well as the novels The Book-Thief's Heartbeat, Twist and Shout and The Illustrator. He has also written television drama. His play, The Invisible Mending Company, was performed on the Abbey Theatre's Peacock stage.


"As flawed heroes go, Harry Fielding must rank as among the best of them" Irish Independent "An exciting, literate thriller" Sunday Times "As a modern moral tale, The Crooked Man works wonderfully... As a thriller it has more twists and turns than an offficial statement by a government spokesperson. Forget those dime-a-dozen airport thrillers, this is a gripping page-turner with pages worth turning" Sunday Tribune
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