The Hidden Model

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Oktober 2003



From the huddling men in a Rembrandt print to an image in a bathroom mirror that might be Christ or a mere smudge, David Yezzi, with his precisely carved and subtly cutting language, questions and considers the surfaces of our perceptions and the life they conceal-that which suggests, asks, demands to be seen. In this deeply philosophical book, Yezzi deploys a mobile intelligence that reaches from the world of art to the landscape of the mind's cravings and demonstrates a capacious gift for using the formal techniques of poetry in unobtrusive and captivating ways, rendering verse that is both poetically rich and emotionally charged


David Yezzi is director of New York's 92nd Street Y Unterberg Poetry Center. His critical writings have appeared in the "New York Times," "New Yorker," and other major publications; and his poetry has appeared in the "New Republic," "Paris Review," "Yale Review," "New England Review," and other journals. This is his first book of poetry.
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