This Age We're Living in

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November 2008



THIS AGE WE'RE LIVING IN is a novel that faces up to the big questions: Can men make friendships across the generations? Can sadness be cured by Schopenhauer or shopping? Are the lives of lifestyle writers any less of a mess than anyone else's? And is everything really just rubbish? THIS AGE WE'RE LIVING IN is a funny, affecting and life-affirming novel about a grumpy old man coming to realise that, for all the inanity and insanity of the 21st century, life really is worth living after all...


David Wilson has travelled much of the world but it's mostly in Britain that he feels a bit lost. For more than twenty-five years he's been a journalist on national newspapers, mainly the Daily Mail and The Times. He has also written for the New Statesman and Tribune and is an occasional talking head on BBC2 and Channel 4. He is a member of honour in the NUJ. Born in Liverpool, raised in Cheshire and Machester, apprenticed as a reporter in Sheffield, he did not go to Oxbridge, has never written a sitcom and nor has he slept with anyone famous. He lives in London and is a dad. This is his first novel.


"A smashing book. It's so rare to find a writer who makes you chuckle and think, and who can strike a balance between laughter and integrity...David Wilson has done it brilliantly and touchingly" -- Mavis Cheek "Warm-hearted, suspenseful, entertaining" THE TIMES "Witty, perceptive, observant, provocative, wise; funny but never played just for laughs; the best book I've read this year" -- Tom Holt "Amusing, poignant, is more than just a comic read, no ordinary passing-of age novel and certainly not a male menopause rant... In truth, it probably deserves to be in a class of its own" SUNDAY EXPRESS "Tragic, funny, sensitive, raging against the modern world, and proof that an ordinary middle-aged bloke really does have feelings" -- Michelle Hanson
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