The Human Body and the Law: A Medico-Legal Study

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Juli 2006



In this admirably objective and lucid exposition, the author examines from a medico-legal standpoint the comparative position in various countries, particularly in the UK and the United States, of currently controversial medical procedures: voluntary sterilization, compulsory sterilization and castration, transsexualism, experimentation, transplantation, and euthanasia-few of which, if any, enjoy a settled or clearly defi ned place in the eyes of the law. He considers the problems from two perspectives: fi rst, that of the individual in society and how far he himself may determine the extent of physical intrusion on his body; secondly, that of the state or society and how far it may impose or limit medical intrusion on the human body. Thus, Meyers provides a valuable account, not only of current medical attitudes, but also of relevant case and statute law as it stands at present.


David W. Meyers is a practicing lawyer in California, with American and British legal qualifications at the firm of Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty.

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