Gases, Liquids and Solids: And Other States of Matter

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April 2003



This is a lucid textbook which will continue to provide students of physics and chemistry with a comprehensive and integrated view of the properties of matter in all its many fascinating forms.


Introduction; 1. Atoms, molecules and the forces between them; 2. Temperature, heat and the laws of thermodynamics; 3. Perfect gases - bulk properties and simple theory; 4. Further theory of perfect gases; 5. Imperfect gases; 6. The solid state; 7. The elastic properties of solids; 8. The strength properties of solids; 9. Thermal and electrical properties of solids; 10. The liquid state; 11. Liquids: their flow properties; 12. The colloidal state of matter; 13. Some physical properties of polymers; 14. Dielectric properties of matter; 15. Magnetic properties of matter; Appendix; Index.


"...well-written text in physical chemistry...will reward undergraduate science majors who wish to improve their insight into the nature of matter...Where it excels is in its demand for intellectual maturity, even though the level of mathematics never extends past first-year calculus." M.B. Snyder, Choice "...would not only be suitable, but extremely valuable to complement the kind of theoretical education, heavy on quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics, that we usually give our research-bound students." David L. Goodstein, Foundations of Physics "...written in a clear and lucid style that makes it easy to read." John de Bruyn, La physique au Canada
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